Police A thletic L eague is an athletic program sponsored by the San Antonio Police Department under the direction of Danny Zamora. This program offers students in grades 2 -6 an opportunity to participate in seasonal sporting activities such as volleyball, basketball and soccer. Parents are responsible for their child's transportation to and from scheduled games and practices. Registration is done at the student’s campus by physical education teacher. Our coaching staff works closely with officers to provide a fun, safe, competitive, friendly and dru g free environment for all students participating in the program.

 PALS Soccer Schedule (REVISED 6-5-14)

Please note there has been some changes to the schedule for Week 1 & 2. .

Final Results of the 2014 PALs Basketball Tournament
Congratulations ! ! !

Girls 2/3 Grade - 1st Place Roosevelt
                              2nd Place Winston
Girls 4/5 Grade - 1st Place LB Johnson
                              2nd Place Gardendale
Girls 6th Grade - 1st Place Gus Garcia #1
                              2nd Place Wrenn #1
Boys 2/3 Grade - 1st Place Perales
                              2nd Place Las Palmas
Boys 4/5 Grade - 1st Place Loma Park #1
                              2nd Place Roosevelt #2
Boys 6th Grade - 1st Place Brentwood #2
                              2nd Place Brentwood #1