Welcome to Spanish 1 & 2 at Wrenn Middle School

Instructor:  Benjamin Johnson
ET Wrenn has a wonderful Spanish Program-  We offer Spanish 1 and 2 for pre ap credit, as well as Span 1, 2 and 3 for Spanish Dual Language Program.  All the courses receive High School Spanish credit.
The focus of learning Spanish is to be able to converse and communicate with it.  Therefore, while a considerable portion of the class requires reading and writing Spanish, the major emphasis is on being able to speak it.
The body helps with this because when speaking a language, it is not only the brain involved.  It also involves being able to use the mouth correctly and being able to interpret what is being said.  These are very high level cognitive skills that  make learning Spanish a challenging activity.  I feel my job as a teacher is to model good communication in Spanish, and then to provide opportunities for students to use their newly acquired Spanish skills.

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