This year we will be incorporating our reading and writing to increase our voice and fluidity of our writing style.
All student will participate in the AR Program and will also be responsible for reading class novels as assigned. All work is due on time, and students are responsible for make up and missed work if they are absent. 
7th Grade TEKS and Focus per Unit

The E.T. Wrenn ELAR Department has established guidelines for the AR (Accelerated Reader) program. It has been decided that this will count as two test grades throughout the 9 weeks. This is to inform you that your student must participate in the program as a part of the English/Reading programs. It is recommended that your student read 30 minutes per day outside of class. This implementation has been linked to success not only in reading, but success that will transfer skills to all of the other disciplines of study. Below you will find a link that can assist your student while they are off campus, and help you to reinsure that they are reading on their level.  Each student takes a STAR reading assessment to check their reading level. Students should be on their reading level or slightly above, in order for them to retain comprehension. Student’s points are calculated by the computer for each individual student, giving them their point goals.  Each book the student reads is worth a certain amount of points;  after  reading the book, the students are allowed to test in their ELAR teacher’s class only, and can earn points towards their grades.

                Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me, or call and I will get back with you as quickly as possible. Thank you in advance for your support in helping your student be successful at Wrenn, and build towards a promising future.

Wrenn Library Web Site:

                -gives access to online books

                -audio options available

                -AR Book finder shows points and reading levels for each book