Standing Rules For Founder's Day Committee3

The purpose of the Founder’s Day Banquet is to honor past PTA leaders and to celebrate the founding of PTA.  It is not a fundraising event, but it must pay for its own expenses.  Prior to forming a committee the Edgewood Council of PTAs will decide on the date, time and location of said event.

I. Founders Day Committee

    • The Council’s 2nd Vice President serves as the Chairperson for the Founder’s Day Banquet.
    • A Committee is formed consisting of active PTA members in the month of October by recruiting at that month’s Council meeting.
    • The Committee is responsible for maintaining and updating the Founder’s Day invitation database and for sending out invitations

II. The Founder’s Day Committee will make the following recommendations:

a. Theme for the event
b. Cost of each ticket and how tickets will be sold and delivered
c. Speaker and or platform guests
d. Presentation of Colors(campus)
e. Pledge or National Anthem(assignment)
f. Catering for the event
g. Entertainment for the event
h. Program for the event
i. Decorations for head table, and creating guidelines for decorations of floor(local units)
j. PR coordination(distribution of flyers to campuses, distribution of information/guidelines to the local units that are in good standing)
k. Coordination of door prizes
l. Coordination of silent auction
m. Selection of Life Member Award and creating guidelines for submitting nominations for Life Member, Achievement and National Awards)
n. Achievement and Attendance Awards for Local Units and creating guidelines for selection of these awards.

III. Invited guests to include:
  • President of the school board and guest
  • Superintendent of the district and guest
  • Area 7  President and guest
  • Council Presidents and guest within the San Antonio area
  • Other platform guests (ex: past Council Presidents)
IV. More information on tickets:
  • Tickets will be sold in the following manner: Preference will be given to local units according to the order that council dues are paid.  The first local unit to pay its council dues will get to purchase its tickets first, and so forth.
  • Only cash or local unit checks will be accepted.
  • Only schools in good standing (local units active and registered with Texas PTA and locals which have paid their council dues) may participate in the banquet.
V. More information on decorations:
  • Recognition will be given to the three local units with the best decorations (1st, 2nd and 3rd place)
  • Local units are responsible for decorating their own tables, based on the theme.
  • Council will provide the table covers for all tables.
  • Hand-made decorations are preferred over store bought displays.  At least ¾ of the decorations should be handmade.
  • Decorations should not exceed 12” in height.
  • Tables must be decorated 2 hours prior to event start time.  The area must then be cleared in order for judging to take place.  After judging of tables has been completed, guests will be allowed to check-in and be seated.
  • Judges will not be district personnel or in any way connected with the Council.
VI. Council Life Member/Achievement or National Awards
  • Names of nominees for Life Member, Achievement or National Awards must be submitted in writing on the day that tickets are purchased.  Qualifications and a copy of the receipt sent to Texas PTA must be part of the documentation turned in to Council.


These standing rules shall be reviewed and updated on a yearly basis by the Founder’s Day Committee.
These standing rules may be amended at any time by a 2/3 majority vote of the current board of directors. 
Upon approval, a copy of these standing rules shall be provided to all Board members.  If revisions or amendments are made using the proper process, it is recommended that updated standing rules be sent to Texas PTA for review and also the EISD Superintendent.