First Day of School Letter 2013

Gus Garcia Middle School

3306 Ruiz Street, San Antonio, Texas  78228

210 444-8075

Daniel Pina, Assistant Principal                                                                                                   Ellie Gearhart, Assistant Principal

Jisela Moreno, Instructional Officer                                                                                        ClaudiaSanchez, Instructional Officer    



August26, 2013


DearCharger Parents,


Whata great start to an awesome year!  Iwould like to thank you for the support you have shown right at the start.  We are excited to have you here and lookforward to a productive academic year.


Wehad a tremendous turnout for our Parent Orientations last Wednesday andThursday.  We will be offering a Gear UpMeeting for 8th grade parents on Wednesday, August 28, 2013 at 5:00p.m. 


Allstudents received their school supplies today. A new backpack is included in this supply.  If you have any questions about schoolsupplies, please see your child’s first period teacher. 


Asyou may be aware, all schools in EISD will be locked at all times.  If you are planning to visit the campus, youwill need to press a buzzer located at the front door.  There is a camera located at the buzzer andsomeone from the front office will “buzz” visitors in.  Please be prepared with a valid officialstate identification card in order to receive a visitor’s pass. 


Studentsreceived their parent homework today. This includes acknowledgement of Student code of conduct, emergencycards, parent-student-teacher compact forms and student insurance forms thisweek.  Please go through these with yourchild(ren), sign and return to your child’s first period teacher onTuesday.  Your child will also receive anagenda later this week.  This agenda willlast your child all year and is provided so that students may write remindersand homework assignments inside.  TheGGMS Student Handbook will also be located in the front section of theagenda. 


TheGGMS school uniform policy is as follows: 

Girls: White polo-styled shirts orblouses with short/long sleeves with collar – Dark navy blue or khaki walkingshorts, skirt or slacks

Boys: White polo-styled shirts with collar – Dark navy blue or khaki walkingshorts or slacks

7th grade may wear orangepolo and 8th grade may wear grey polo.

We are able to offer spirit shirts atthis time.  They are for purchase in thefront office.  Students will be able towear GGMS spirit shirts on Fridays with blue jeans.  We are in the process of purchasing poloshirts with the GGMS logo also.  We willinform you when they will be available for purchase. 

Last, I would like to impress upon youmy goal for parental involvement.  It ismy desire to see GGMS at the top of the list for number of parent involvementhours.  You are encouraged to come andparticipate in parent meetings, mentoring and classroom assistance.  Our Parent Educator, Ms. Cerda, is available5 days a week.  Please be sure to contacther to see how you can get involved with student success at GGMS.  You are important to me, and I welcome yourinvolvement.

We hope that your child is having agreat week back at school.  If I can beof any assistance, please feel free to contact the school and schedule anappointment.  I look forward to workingwith you this year.



Pamela J. Reece

Proud Principal of GGMS