• Advanced Technical Credit

    Posted by Marilyn Brownson at 4/1/2013
    Starting with the 2013-2014 we will be offering ATC.  There are quite a number of items that need to be in place prior to offering these courses.
    1. Lesson plans showing advancement from previous years, includes college readiness skills, and course competencies (college competencies).
    2. All courses labeled with TP and placement of A on transcripts.   Completed by Marilyn
    3. Teacher Certified by ATC.  The listing of courses indicate all the teachers that are currently ATC certified
    In order to prepare for ATC credit, you will need to start "updating" your current lessons.  What are some of your concerns in dealing with the ATC requirements? Is there anything that you currently need from our office in order to start your preparations?  Anne will be submitting a curriculum stipend that will start in May. You will be able to work here in my office for a couple of hours after school to prepare your lessons.  There is not enough hours to cover all of the hours you will need for your lessons, but it should provide enough for a basis to get you started. Those of you with two teachers, teaching the same course, may work together.
    Things to consider...
    Lessons should already include college readiness pieces so this may not be a factor.  Compare your lessons with the Texas College & Career Readiness Standards book given to you at the beginning of the year.
    All lessons (whether teaching ATC courses or not) will need to be reflective of the CScope templates. I will be trained on this during August and will train you upon your return. Some of you have had requirements from you campus already, to turn in lessons in CScope formats.
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  • Scheduling

    Posted by Marilyn Brownson at 11/5/2010 10:00:00 AM

    Scheduling of students in coherent sequence of courses has been an issue for several years. What items in the scheduling process is working? What items would you change if given the chance? Please be specific and offer at least two suggestions on improving each item you listed.

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