Instructional Resource Page

Families can promote and foster literacy in a variety of ways. These are some ideas that you can do with your child to assist him or her with their reading fluency and comprehension:
  • Read to your child everyday for at least 20 minutes
  • Listen to your child read aloud everyday for at least 20 minutes
  • Impart oral traditions such as storytelling; tell your children stories about your childhood or their grandparents' childhood
  • Teach your child about their culture and cultural traditions; encourage them to also learn about new and different cultures
  • Encourage your child to be bilingual; help them learn your family's language
  • Use technology wisely; encourage your child to visit educational websites (you can find a variety of reading and math websites on our campus website)
  • Take your child to your neighborhood public library so that they can read different books and listen to stories
  • Foster creativity through art, music, dance, and cooking