Welcome to Mr. Sledge's 6th Grade Math Syllabus

     Mr. Sledge’s 6th Grade Math Syllabus


Contact Info:

Email: Erick.sledge@eisd.net

Phone: (210) 444-7675 ext. 1742 (Hoelscher Bldg.)                  


Course Objective:

This course reinforces basic mathematical concepts and introduces skills that are essential for all students. Concepts, procedures, and vocabulary that students will need in order to be successful in upper-level algebra and geometry courses are introduced and continually practiced. Students begin with a general review of the four basic operations. They are introduced to exponents, geometric formulas, algebraic concepts, ratios, percentages, and adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing signed numbers. 6th Grade Math students work extensively with fractions, mixed numbers, decimals, and estimating. Problem solving strategies are also an integral part of the curriculum.

Grading System:

I will be using the District Policy grading system. Grades will be posted in TX Connect weekly.

Summative 50% (includes tests, quizzes, projects, and presentations)

Formative 50% (includes homework, daily work, and interactive notebook assignments)             

Make up work due to absences:

Students will have 3 weeks to make up any missing homework or classwork assignments. There is a tray under the “While You Were Out” sign that will have the weekly assignments by the days. It is the student’s responsibility to go to the tray and pick up the work from the days they were absent. Work will not be allowed to be made-up, redone, or accepted after the 4th week of the 9th week period. An “M” (missing) will be recorded in the grade book until the work is completed, turned in, graded, and then posted. Once that is done then the “M” will be removed and the new grade will be recorded. If the work is not submitted before 4th week, then the “M” will be replaced with a ZERO. Extenuating circumstances such as prolonged illness, family emergency, hospitalization or other special cases are the exception. If a student will be out for a long period of time, due to those type of circumstances, parents please contact me via email or my phone number so that I can make accommodations for your child to make up work. NO CLASS TIME will be allotted for make-ups or redoing work.

Replacing Low Grades:

Students who score below a 70 on tests, classwork, homework, and quizzes will be allowed replace the low grade for a higher grade in order to boost their average. The same assignment will be given. The student will be able to make corrections on the original assignment and write “Re-do” at the top. All work must be shown order for the assignment to be complete. If no work is shown, then the original grade will not be replaced. The original grade will remain in the grade book until the work is redone, turned in, graded and then posted. Once that is done then a new grade will replace the original grade. *Make up tests can be done during after school tutoring on Tuesday’s and Thursdays.


Homework will be given out daily. Students will receive a maximum of 5 problems. All work must be shown on how you arrived at your answer. Answers must be visible and boxed or circled. Late assignments will be accepted, however there is a consequence for late assignments. For every homework assignment that is turned in past its original due date, the student will have lunch detention for 10 minutes.


Students will be given 2 tests every 9 week period. One in the 4th week and one in the 9th week. Quizzes will be given weekly over what has been covered in class.


Tutoring is from 4:00 to 5:00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to come by anytime to see me. I am located in the Hoelscher building room # 7.

Restroom/Water Breaks:

Students will be given one sheet of “Viking” passes per nine weeks and keep them in their binder. Each sheet has 3 passes per class. Students can be excused for the restroom and water breaks three times per nine weeks. I will sign their pass and the students will sign the “Sign-Out/Sign-In Log,” and put on the orange vest to leave the room. Students are not to be released from class to use the restroom or get water during the FIRST and LAST 15 minutes of class. Major emergencies are the exception.


Students will receive detention if they receive 2 stage one referrals in my class. Detention is a way for students to reflect on their behavior and make the necessary changes to correct their behavior.

Classroom Rules/Expectations:

1.    Listen Carefully

2.    Follow Directions

3.    Respect Others

4.    Use Appropriate Language

5.    Respect School Property


Students who remain on task, display appropriate behavior, participate in classroom activities, treat others kindly, assist the teacher can receive focus bucks (used to buy things in school store), homework passes, stickers, or goodies from the treasure box weekly.

Consequences for not following the rules:

1.    Verbal Warning

2.    1st Stage one (Conference with Teacher)

3.    2nd Stage one (Call home and after school detention is assigned for the next day)

4.    3rd Stage one (Conference with Teacher and Parent)

5.    4th stage one (Conference with Teacher/Parent/Principal or Assistant Principal)

6.    5th Stage one (Office referral is handed out and you report to the Office)

Statement for Academic Dishonesty: 

Academic honesty is expected in this class. Cheating will not be tolerated. Consequences may include: repeat assignment, or others as deemed appropriate (Stage one). Academic dishonesty will be reported to a school counselor and a parent will be notified.

                              I have read and understood the rules for Mr. Sledge’s 6th Grade Math Class


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