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Joe A. Vasquez            
Music Teacher                             
Room #107
It's more than just playing an instrument
it's about creating music!
Violin Class String Class String Class
String class String Class

 I am so excited you have chosen to utilize this webpage as a tool to help your child become successful. Through parent, teacher, and student involvement we will have an opportunity to build a successful relationship to help your child here at Winston to become a well rounded music student. Please take some time to look at the rest of my Web Page.
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Daily Schedule
CONFERENCE- 2:30-3:30          
1st Period - Second grade/ 8:00-8:55
 2nd Period - Kindergarten/ 9:00-9:55
 3rd Period - First grade/ 10:00-10:55
 4th Period - Third grade/11:00-11:55
 5th Period - Fifth grade/ 12:35-1:30
 6th Period - Fourth grade/ 1:35-2:30   
Tutoring- Fridays room 108- 3:30-4:00
Tuesday, Wed., Thursday-Strings-4:30-5:30
Adult Violin Classes 
Place: Winston, Room 107
Day: Monday's
Time: 5:30PM-6:30PM
For information call
Mr. Vasquez