Course Description:
This course will provide students with the skill development in basic principles relating to Earth Science by focusing on concepts about earth and space. This course is aligned to
the 2010 Science TEKS.
Students will be exposed in the study of a variety of topics including matter and energy, force and motion, earth and space, organisms and environments, and scientific
investigation and reasoning. We will integrate and revisit 6th grade TEKS into our lessons to prepare the students for the upcoming Science STAAR Test.


Student Expectations:
Students are expected to:

(1) Arrive to class on time, ready to learn
(2)  Have all materials.

(3) Show respect for themselves, other students, teachers, and the entire school.

(4) Complete all assignments either in the classroom and/or for homework.

(5) Participate and interact in the learning classroom.

(6) Follow all campus rules and expectations.


Classroom Discipline:
Disruption of class instruction will not be tolerated.
Students who insist upon disrupting the teaching and learning environment will face the consequences of their decisions.   
Disciplinary measures will include: student conference, phone call to parents, after-school detention in the classroom, lunch detention, School or Team ISS, and/or DAEP.
All disciplinary problems will be reported home to a parent/guardian either by phone call, letter, or home visit by the teacher.


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