U.S. Unit Test Schedule


As each unit is taught,students will be given a Unit exam to check for mastery of the objectivestaught during the Unit.


Unit 01 Test: September 19, 2013


Unit 02 & 03 Test: October 23, 2013


Unit 04 Test: November 19, 2013


Unit 01-05 Benchmark: January 17, 2014


Unit 06-07 Test: February 12, 2014


Unit 01-10 Benchmark: March 28, 2014


STAAR Social Studies: April 24, 2014


 World Geography Prep Assessment: May 28, 2014


U.S. History Yearat a Glance

1st Six Weeks

Unit 01: Exploration and Colonization

Unit 02: Celebrate Freedom Week

Unit 03: American Revolution

4th Six Weeks

Unit 08: Manifest Destiny

Unit 09: Industrialization: North and South Economies develop

2nd Six Weeks

Unit 04: Writing the Constitution

Unit 05: More Perfect Union

5th Six Weeks

Unit 10: Reform and Culture

Unit 11: Sectionalism and Civil War

3rd Six Weeks

Unit 06: Early Republic

Unit 07: Age of Jackson

6th Six Weeks

Unit 12: Reconstruction

Unit 13: Rights and Responsibilities

World Geography Prep Activities

Tutoring Schedule

Mr. Medrano will be availablefor tutoring on Wednesday afterschool from 4:00 to 5:00.

Grading Policy

Grading Procedures: Per EISD standards, grades for 8th grade classes will be weighted asfollows:

50% of thetotal grade will be made up of summative grades (includes tests,quizzes, projects, presentations, final copies)

50% of thetotal grade will be made up of formative grades (includes homework,daily work, interactive notebook assignments)

Student work will be graded on the following scale:

A: 90 – 100

B: 80-89

C: 75-79

D: 70-74

F: 0-69

Last Modified on October 3, 2013