8th Grade ELAR

This school year, we will have daily class discussions related to the selections we read in class.  Of course, there will be lots of great activities to accompany these selections. These will include written work, artistic endeavors, oral presentations, computer research, dialectical responses and group & individual work. We will go to the library to check out books once every 10 days so that all students will be able to engage in 30 minutes of daily reading with a reflection kept in a reading log that will be monitored by me. 

In addition to Reading, we will explore the different genres of writing.  Some of the genres include personal narrative, imaginative story, expository, poetry and persuasive writing.

This year will be a great year, not only in ELAR and Reading Strategies but in ALL of your classes!! 


Classroom Guidelines for Success

1. I will be in my assigned seat and working on the daily warm-up when the tardy bell rings.

2. I will treat everyone with respect. (Including myself!!)

3. I will raise my hand and wait to be called on before I speak.

4. I will use appropriate language in class.

5. Iwill wait to eat or drink outside of class.

6.I will contribute to a safe environment. (This means that I will walk instead of run!!)


Discipline Plan

If a student breaks a guideline stated above, the following consequences will occur

1)    Verbal reminder

2)    Parent contact via phone or home visit

3)    Detention after school or during lunch

4)    Student meets with teacher, parents, and administrator

5)    Office referral

 Grading Procedures

Per EISD standards, grades for 8th grade classes will be weighted as follows:

-50% of the total grade will be made up of summative grades (includes tests, quizzes, projects, presentations, final copies)

-50% of the total grade will be made up of formative grades (includes homework, daily work, interactive notebook assignments)

Grading Scale

A  =  100%– 90%
B  =  89%– 80%

C  =  79%– 75%

D =  74% - 70%

F  = Below 69%

Daily Homework Assignments

Monday: 5 vocabulary words and an appropriate activity.

All Students will engage in 30 minutes of daily reading with a reflection kept in a reading log.

Any Additional Homework will be announced accordingly.

Progress Reports will be sent home once every 3 weeks.



Last Modified on December 20, 2013