You can use the lesson plan resource to clarify what we did in class on a particular day.  Also, click on the Thinking Maps link to view examples of thinking maps that we use in class.
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8th Grade Essential Course of Study

1st Nine Weeks August 26-October 25
Week # Unit
Weeks 1-3 Unit 1: Plot and Conflict
Weeks 4-6 Unit 2: Character and Point of View
Weeks 7-8 Unit 3: Setting and Mood
Week 9 Reading Benchmark
2nd Nine Weeks: October 28-January 17
Week # Unit
Weeks 10-12 Unit 4:Theme and Symbol
Weeks 13-15 Unit 5: Poetry
Weeks 16-17 Unit 6: Style, Voice, and Tone
Week 18 Reading Benchmark
3rd Nine Weeks: January 21-March 28
Week # Unit
Weeks 19-21 Unit 7: History, Culture, and the Author
Weeks 22-23 Unit 8: Facts and Information
Week 24 Reading Benchmark
Weeks 25-27 Unit 9: Argument and Persuasion
4th Nine Weeks: March 31-June 6
Week # Unit
Week 28 STAAR Reading
Weeks 29-36 Unit 10: The Power of Research
Week 34 STAAR Reading Retest


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