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Hello Kinderparents,

I’m very excited for this schoolyear. I look forward to seeing each child grow and succeed in my classroom.This should be a very fun year full of excitement and lots of first.

Well as I mentioned at meet theteacher night, this is my 1st year as a teacher and my first year in the district.Prior to Edgewood, i worked for NISD for 3 years as a substitute teacher. I'veseen and done it all; from Pre-K to 6th grade and my favorite has always beenKinder. This is why when I got the job offer I accepted right away. I studenttaught in NISD as well, Kindergarten in 2010. I am a graduate of Texas A &M San Antonio class of 2010. I have my bachelors' in Interdisciplinary studies Curriculumand Management. I am certified to teach for pre-k to 6th grade in all subjects.I'm a full time mom and wife. My husband and son share my world with each oneof your children, and I always keep them close at heart. I have several longterm subbing positions under my belt, which is why I always say that while i amtechnically a 1st year teacher I really am not. I have 2 kinder long term positionslasting 5-6 weeks under me and 2 4th grade long terms 4-5 weeks as well. I havelots of experience. I was also a Lead Tutor in NISD for the last 3 years aswell. What else can I say about myself? Teaching is my passion and getting tosee your child learn and grow everyday will truly be a reward. I hope thatworking together we can get them prepared for 1st grade and set goals anddreams beyond the here and now. This is my wish for each and every one of them.

On the right side margin you willfind our daily class schedule, please feel free to contact me if ever needduring my conference or lunch time. Also, before and after school. If you haveany comments or concerns my contact information is at the top of this page.

Thank you for taking time to readingmy page and for sharing your babies with me each and every day. Together wewill make beautiful butterflies out of them and you too will see the change andgrowth in them this school year.

Tiffany Garza

Daily Schedule
Announcements, Breakfast, pledge Journal Writing


Opening Routines, (Blue section) Phonemic Awareness, Phonics & Vocabulary


Reading Tier Group 1


 Specials/ Teacher Conference


Guided Reading

Group 1- 9:35-9:45

Group 2- 9:45-10:00

Group 3- 10:00-10:15

Group 4- 10:15-10:30


Re-teach/Reading Tier II Group 4




Structured Gross Motor Play


Writers Workshop


Math Groups

12:10-12:20- Whole group

12:20-12:45- Group 1

12:45-1:10- Group 2

1:10-1:30- Whole Group Re-teach


Social Studies




Re-teach\Review Vocabulary\Dismissal

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