Mrs. Briseno 5th Grade

Course Description: This is a guide as to how our weekly reading classwork looks like.

Vocabulary in Context (Day 1) -Ten words per week.  Introduce Vocabulary
Introduce Comprehension-Comprehensionskill and strategy (Day 2) - The students will be applying the comprehension skill allweek.  We will also use the projectables to make itinteractive. Practice pages may be given forhomework.  On-level practice will be inin class. 
Introduce the main selection/story for the week (Day 2-3 ) - The teacher can read, the students can readindividually, silently, in groups, in pairs or the students can listen to theaudio. Teachers will ask all the comprehension questions to check student understanding. 

Paired Selections (“Connect to …”) (Day 4)

- MakingConnections- Text-to-text connections are very important, students are able to make their reading connections with something they already experience or know.


Connect and Extend (Optional) (Day 5) - Synthesis by formal assessment 


Spelling-spelling lists are on the practice pagefrom the practice book

Day 1 Teach the Principle

Days 2 and 3 Practice Activities (i.e. word sorts/word families)

Day 4 Connect to Writing

Day 5 Assess Spelling


Grammar lessons – daily progression.  Connecting the grammar to the writing-Studentpages, may be sent for homework.

Days 1-3 Teach using Daily Proofreading projectables and practice book

Day 4 Review

Day 5 Connect to Writing


Writing- Focus Trait taught weekly. Each writing piece has its own rubric. Day 5 is usually the independent writing piece.  

Day 1 Analyze the model using projectable

Day 2 Teach the focus trait using practice book

Day 3 Prewrite using projectable

Day 4 Draft

Day 5 Revise for Ideas and edit

 Cited Resource:  Edgewood webpage ISD ELAR curriculum