Welcome to Ms. Morse's 2nd Grade Class

A year of learning!
  Should you ever wish to contact me (via phone or email), or come to our classroom to visit, you are always encouraged and welcome to do so. If you want/need to discuss specific issues about your student, please contact me so we can set up a conference time to go over those concerns. Please don't let time or transportation be an issue - I am more than glad to come early, stay late, or do home visits to accommodate any needs your family/student may have.
Ms. Morse
210-444-7800 x 2742 (school)
Conference time: 8:45 - 9:30am
   Second grade is going to be a wonderful year for your student! 
   This year will include a lot of changes for your students - not only academically, but developmentally as well. We have so many new things to learn, I am sure the year will go by quickly, and your child's mind will be heavy with knowledge when they walk out of the HBG doors as successful 2nd graders!
   My biggest goal is to create independent readers so that each student can be strong in all content areas. It is important that we prepare each student to reach their greatest potential, both in the classroom, and our community. In 2nd grade we are assuring that the level of rigor and content studied align with state and school expectations that will make our student's achievements soar in 3rd grade!
   I look forward to a fantastic year of partnership - teacher, student, & parents.