Hello My name is Mr. Sledge. I was born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1981. My parents were born and raised in San Antonio, and it's been home for me ever since we left Germany in 1982. I have 3 brothers, and all of us are at least 4 years apart. We all went to public schools in Northeast School District. I graduated from James Madison H.S. in 2000. I attended St. Philips College and then I transfered to UTSA and receive a Bachelor's degree in 2010 for Interdisciplinary Studies. I have been happily married for over 4 years and my wife and I have a dog named Checkers and a cat named Tigger. Both of them are hilarious together! My wife and I Jehovah's Witnesses along with our famalies. We strive to maintain good qualities such as honesty, kindness,compassion, humility and goodness. My hobbies are weighlifting, running, playing and watching sports, drawing, and swimming. I love the Dallas Cowboys,
San Antonio Spurs and Texas Longhorns!
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