AIT Writing Teacher and English II

Practical Writing Class:
As I have explained to your students, it is my desire to help them learn the value of words and the power that they hold. Words can be used for so many goods and evils in this world. I would like to teach your student how to mold those words to prove his or her point, in whatever situation they face. Our focus will be on writing daily in order to improve our writing skills. As with any other talent, practice is required in writing as well, so I will be sure they get plenty of practice in fun and interesting way. They will, by the end of this course, be able to write appropriate letters(both professional and personal), essays, reports, and narratives with confidence in their ability.
Please feel free to check out the Writing Syllabus.
English II:
Thankfully I have been granted the privilege of teaching many of my writing students in English II as well. I believe this will give us a great advantage in our endeavor to learn and grow in the English language. We will be working in literature, writing, and of course growing our skills in mastering the language, both in grammar and usage. We have a challenging year, full of amazing potential, ahead of us. My goal is for every student to come out on top.