Welcome to Career & Technical Education (CTE)

Career &Technical Education Specialist 

Hello, my name is Marilyn.

I am the Career Technial Education Specialist (CTE) for Edgewood I.S.D.
As a CTE Specialist, some of my duties entail  working closely with other program specialists, counselors, staff, and the community.

I provide assistance & support of: 
  • Career & Technical Student Organizations (CTSO)
  • CTE Programs 
  • Educational pathways (four-year plan.
  • Industry Certifications to students where applicable  
  • Performance Based Monitoring Standards (PBMAS
  • Program Advisory Committees
  • Program Evaluations
  • Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) Data Standards
  •  Rigorous curriculum
  • To counselors with student career planning 
  • Special Needs



I am committed to providing assistance to our students in order to prepare them for life long learning, and achieve the best educational pathway in order for them to achieve their future career goals.
Preparing our present and future generations for college and career pathways by establishing a culture of Educational Excellence is our number one goal.
It takes but a second to make an
impact and permanent impression
in someone's life.
What kind of impact are you making?
What impression will you leave?
working towards success


No one can stand in your way of achieving your dreams, but you, yourself!

What dreams will you achieve?
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Updated 08/10/2012  
Information gathered from EISD, Career.org, & Achieve Texas.
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Today's economy is driven by world markets. As outsourcing continues to rise, students are faced with competing on a global scale.
Students must be ready to meet this challenge head-on. It will take everyone from parents, education, industry professionals, and the community to train our children for global competition.
We encourage you to research your future. Take an active part in deciding the purpose of your education.

Ask yourself the following:
When I step off the stage with my high school diploma in hand, what will get me my dream car, the life I want for myself?
Do the choices I set for myself now really affect my future?