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    by Brentwood Middle School Library 2014-15
                                          Brentwood Middle School Library                   2014-15                           Mr. Keen, Librarian
                                           The purpose of the library is to encourage, prepare and service the students of the
                                           Brentwood Middle School Library.  To make the library more efficient and successful
                                           we will need to follow these rules:
                                           1.    The Library is open on most school days from 8:00AM to 4:00PM.
                                                   Upon request, we may extend hours as needed for research projects.
                                                   Teachers requesting to bring their class to the library can sign up at
                                                   the librarians front circulation desk 2013-14 calendar.
                                            2.    Teachers will bring students to the library and remain with them for the entire
                                                    period.  Teachers will remain in charge of the students while they are in
                                                    the library.  Please assist the librarian if he encounters any student problems
                                                    also.  During scheduled classroom visits during the class period the teacher
                                                    is to remain in the library with the class.  It is preferred that teachers sign up to
                                                    bring their classes to the library at 2 days in advance if possible.
                                            3.    Only 1 class will be allowed to be in the library at a scheduled time period.
                                            4.    All books, materials and equipment will be checked out ( this includes any
                                                      item from the library.)
                                            5.     Teachers may check out books for a 1-month period.  Audio-visual equipment
                                                       will generally be checked out for an entire school year.
                                             6.     Teachers may put special materials on reserve for their classes.
                                                      For example:  World Book encyclopedias, Science fair books, Class sets of
                                                      books ordered through the ELAR department.
                                             7.    Teachers may schedule special times for research but this must be done at  least
                                                      a week ahead of time with the librarian.  If possible, all requests for audio-visual
                                                      equipment should be made a week ahead.  All audio-visual equipment should be
                                                      checked out by the librarian at the Circulation desk.
                                              8.    Students may come to the library (only 3 or 4 students per teacher will be allowed
                                                      every period.) without a teacher only if they present a library pass to the librarian.  Students
                                                      misbehaving will be warned twice and then sent back to their class with a note from the librarian.
                                              9.     Please do not hesitate to discuss any concerns with the librarian.
                                             10.    All reference books are for use in the library only.
                                                       Magazines can be checked out on a weekly basis.
                                             11.     Students with overdue books will not be allowed to check out books until
                                                        the overdue books are returned.  All Brentwood students are allowed to check
                                                        out 2 books.  Every student must be clear in the library before checking out of
                                                        school.  If a book is lost, the replacement cost of the book must be paid to the
                                              12.     Teachers will receive on a monthly basis, a list of overdue books for their
                                                         students.  Please encourage your students to turn their books in on time
                                                          in order to keep the books circulating.
                                             Thank you for your consideration.
                                             Mr. Keen, Librarian
                                             jkeen@eisd.net,   Ext. 7685
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