Math (ongoing)

Remember to practice your math facts using Print out your certificates as you reach milestones.



Math - Unit 11
Measurement Connection
Work on different measurement stations to find length, area, perimeter, weight, mass, capacity, and volume in both the customary and metric systems.  Remember to think about conversions too.
Science - 4th 9 weeks
Science Fair Project
Utilize the scientific process to develop an experiment for the Science Fair.  The rubric is attached to guide the development your project.  Remember to do multiple trails and turn in a report.  Science Fair Rubric
Writing - 4th 9 weeks
The STAAR test is over however, that does NOT mean we stop writing.  Keep up with your daily journal.  Continue this throughout the summer.  Remember grammar and punctuation are important.
Social Studies - May - August
Listen to the news and read newspapers (online counts too) to keep up on current affairs for Texas, the United States, and the World.
Reading - May - August
Read to enjoy and for comprehension.  You can summarize or write about your favorite book in your daily journal.
Ongoing - Ticket-To-Read is available through July