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  • Dual Language Education

    Posted by Viviana Arriola at 11/1/2013
    La persona bilingüe vale por dos.
    A bilingual person is worth two.
     I heard those words not only from my parents, but also from my teachers as I was growing up.  Learning two languages has really been an advantage for me, and has allowed me to reach out to more people than I probably would have had I only known one language.  In my jobs prior to becoming a teacher, it always felt good to provide customer service to those who might otherwise be neglected, misunderstood or overlooked.  As a teacher, now I am very proud to be part of the dual language program, where I can not only develop the foundational language of my students, but also enrich and empower them with a new language.  The opportunities that await them are limitlessWhat do you think?
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  • Daily 5

    Posted by Viviana Arriola at 11/1/2013
    This is my first year using the Daily 5.  I have really enjoyed utilizing this during my guided reading time.  I have seen how independent my students have become.  I only look forward to improving my implementation of the Daily 5.  What are your thoughts and ideas on Daily 5?
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