• Art All Around Us

    Posted by Brittany Bueno at 2/24/2014 5:00:00 PM
    This week in our class we are learning about different types of art and what it means to be an artist.  Today we read a book called The Dot.  It is a cute story about a little girl who could not decide what to draw so her teacher challenged her by asking her to draw a dot on the page.  Then she was encouraged to make the dot better. Pretty soon she had different papers filled with dots. The kids enjoyed the book and they started coming up with their own ideas of what they would make out of the dot.  Later this week we will also talk about other types of art like music, dance, and theater.  My favorite type of art is music.  I like it because it helps me think and it keeps me focused.  Some people enjoy drawing and painting but I enjoy listening to music. What are some types of art you enjoy? 
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