• Last week of school

    Posted by Crystal Cantu at 5/28/2014
    Hi teachers,
    With the last week of school coming up what are you all doing as far as fun activities for the students? I know we have lesson plan activities planned but what are you planning aside from those?
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  • Unit 6 books

    Posted by Crystal Cantu at 3/5/2014
    What books are you all reading besides the ones that are in the curriculum?
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  • Changing center

    Posted by Crystal Cantu at 4/30/2013
    Hi teachers
    What are you going to be turning your dramatic play center in to for the next unit?
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  • Books for class

    Posted by Crystal Cantu at 4/17/2013
    Hi teachers....
    With our new unit Moving On, what are some books that you will be reading to your class? Any good book suggestions?
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