• How to submit your own work orders

    Posted by Evan Lieberman at 9/13/2013
    Click the video below to learn how you can get into Edgewood's work order system to submit your own work orders...
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  • "My screen's upside-down!"

    Posted by Evan Lieberman at 4/7/2013
    Don't worry, it's not you. This happens to many teachers. Just press CTRL, ALT and the UP ARROW cursor at the same time to bring your screen back to the normal alignment. (If you're the curious type, see what happens if you hit CTRL, ALT and a different arrow key.)
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  • PAZERA video converter

    Posted by Evan Lieberman at 4/7/2013
    LBJ's teachers should be using Pazera to convert video files from the flip camera and our phones into flv files for our webpages.
    Reply to this post if you find other videos, manuals, walk-thrus or other websites that can help our colleagues learn how to use Pazera... 
    Here's a video on how to use Pazera: 
    This is the original Pazera site:
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