News with Channel One
This resource provides you with the current issues of the day.  By clicking on teacher resources a discussion guide and quiz are provided to study before viewing the video of the day.  The daily  teacher resources include content, grammar, and vocabulary quizzes.  The grammar and vocabulary is contextualized within the current issues.  This expository information is followed by a writing prompt to practice critical thinking throughout the writing process. Previous newscasts are archived if you need to refer to them.
Personal Narratives with Audio 

This I Believe | A public dialogue about belief — one essay at a time
This resource provides you with essays which explore the personal experience of 100,000 people of all ages.  They are are not lecturing but rather soul searching. Consider sharing your story.  Audio is provided if you want to hear the author's voice.  
Glencoe Literature Book Online
To access your English I textbook, follow the instructions found on the link.  Go to "assignments" on this website to view the major themes covered this year.  Use this site to keep up with your assignments. 
Nonfiction Books 
Nonfiction books are recognized for their outstanding contributions to facts.  Use this website to conduct research in expository  areas. 
Dictionary and Translation 
 A free online dictionary and translator. 
Literature Concepts and Content Areas
 Everything is organized according to subject area. In English learn about story elements in songs,  mood, theme,  point of view, and dialogue.  Examine how teacher Tube,, You Tube and others bring you important literature concepts.  
Online Museum
 A free online museum that has many fun features 
Notable Books for Students 
 You will find a photo of the day, a video of the day and other exciting expository text. Dig deep into this website to experience museums vicariously and other exciting experiences.  Use the photo of the day to write. Use the video to learn important information.  Lastly use the website to experience without leaving the comfort of your home.
Download free ebooks
Ontario Library Associations  
Explore many books and download free ebooks.
Young Association for Library Service to Children (American Library Association)
 Award winning books for students.
Editors' Choice, Booklists for book lovers.
Daily Video
Current Science Video from NBC Learn
Library Resources
Association for Library Service to Children (American Library Association)
Great websites and award winning books for students.
Young Adult Books
International Reading Association
You find a reading list resource. The Young Adults' Choices has developed an annual list of young adult literature.
List of Books  in Different Categories
Publisher's Weekly  
Click on the category of interest to view different choices such popular, romance or free ebooks.

Science and FilmsSB&F: Science Books & Films  (American Association for the Advancement of Science)           Best Children's Science Books and Best Science Books for Young Adults

Daily poems, Amazon/Goodreads
List of the Texas Library Association 2012 books with a brief description of what the book is


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