Our school follows a fun and engaging curriculum by Scholastic!! It is broken up in to eight different units.
Website for the Scholastic Curriculum:
Ready For School

My School

Making Friends

Learnng Together

Getting Along
My Family

Who's in my Family

We Take Care of Each Other

Family Fun

All Kinds of Families

Our Community

Places We Go

People We Meet

Things That Move

Going Green

Awesome Animals

All Kinds of Animals

Animal Homes

Creepy, Crawly, Insects

Animals Grow and Change

Imagine It, Make It

Using My Imagination

Tools we Use

Things we Build

Art All Around Us

Growing Up Healthy

My Senses

Taking Care of Myself

Eating Well

Staying Safe

Nature All Around Us

How do Plants Grow?

What's in the Sky?

Our Weather

The Seasons

Moving On

Going New Places

Trying New Things

I Can Do It Myself!

We're Big Now!

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Last Modified on May 28, 2014