What is the Work Experience Class?


The Work Experience Class is an individualized instructional setting that provides services through paid employment. The primary goal of this class is to provide” hands-on” training and work experience.


When Employed:


1. Expectations:   Please initial acknowledgement: _________________(Parent & Student)

a) Be at least 16 years of age

b) Present an original Social Security Card or other form of employment documentation

           Vocational Adjustment Coordinator

c) Follow all school policies

d) The teacher will meet with the student each week to review work schedule and


e)Students cannot be on campus during VAC release timewithout prior approval from

          VAC Coordinator, sub-school or monitor teacher. An example of this may be –

          attending tutorials

f) Follow all company rules and policies.

g) Review -

h) Maintain employment at an approved work site and work 5 hours a week per # of

class periods scheduled as VAC.  

For example:

3 classes = 15 hours per week

4 classes = 20 work hours per week

i) VAC student is responsible for transportation to and from work.


 2. Grading:  Off-Campus Portion -Please initial acknowledgement: ___________________(Parent &


a)   Weekly work schedules and Pay Stubs are worth one daily grade each week.

b)   Coordinator’s Evaluation is worth one test grade per nine weeks.

c)   Employer Evaluations are worth two test grades per nine weeks.


**Students who are fired from their job will have 25 points deducted from

their total grade point average for that nine-week time period.




3. Problems:Please initial acknowledgement: _____________________ (Parent & Student)

·        Contact your teacher / VAC to discuss any work-related or classroom problems.


4. Job Changes:Please initial acknowledgement: ______________________ (Parent & Student)

 a) Provide job search documentation (a minimum of 5 contacts per week).

 b) Secure a new job in place before quitting present job.

 c) Provide two (2) weeks written notification to present employer and give a copy to your teacher.


When Unemployed: 


1. Time Limit:Please initial acknowledgment: _______________________(Parent & Student)


·        Student has two (2) weeks to find paid employment.


2. Assignments and GradesPlease initial acknowledgment :________________( Parent & Student)

a) Student will meet with teacher / VAC during periods of instructional placement

        assigned to the Work Experience Class.

b) Thus, the student will remain on campus with the VAC in the classroom – until

        employment resumes.

          b) Alternate assignments may be given as additional daily grades.


4. Consequences: Please initial acknowledgment :_______________( Parent & Student)

a) If no job search documentation is provided and the student declines to work with the

       VAC instructor to find successful employment, student will fail all Work Experience

       Classes for the nine-week time period.

b) The above failure may affect the student’s graduation requirements.

c) Because course credit is based upon attendance, a student is unlikely to have an

       approved schedule change out of the work program. Other elective classes have

       course attendance requirements – new electives classes cannot begin after the

       second week of school.


Student Signature ____________________________Date: _______


Parent’s Signature ____________________________Date: _______


VAC Coordinator:

Ricardo Castillo

JF Kennedy/Memorial High Schools

Edgewood ISD

(210)444-7725 x1026