Class:     Work Based Learning/E2020

Teacher: Ms. Hiers

Periods: All


1.     BE PUNCTUAL: Be in class before the tardy bell rings. If you are tardy, you will be required to sign the tardy log book/chart. Tardies will result in parent calls and/or detention. If you do not abide by the rules in the student handbook you will be given a referral.

2.      CONVERSATION: No talking in class unless there is a class discussion or the teacher asks a question. You do not have time to talk.

3.     RESTROOM/HALL PASSES: Students should not abuse the privilege. When a student leaves the classroom, he/she will use the hall pass given by the teacher and sign out on the restroom log book. You are not allowed to use anyone else pass. NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO LEAVE THE ROOM 15 MINUTES AFTER THE BELL RINGS AND 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO CLASS ENDING.

4.     COUNSELOR: There will be no passes issued to visit a counselor unless a counselor requests to see you.


6.     BEVERAGES: Please do not bring any food, drinks, candy or gum to class. 

7.     DRESS CODE: You are expected to adhere to the district’s dress code policy.

8.     INTERRUPTIONS: when the class is interrupted by an outside source; (1) remain in your seat and at your stations quietly, (2) stay on task, (3) listen for teacher’s instructions (if any).

9.     SEATING ARRANGEMENTS: Each student will have an assigned station and only the teacher will reassign a different seat when needed.

10. FURNITURE: Do not write on any furniture, equipment, chairs or walls. THIS WILL WARRANT AN IMMEDIATE REFERRAL.

11. SUPPLIES: You will need to bring the following things with you everyday!!  Binder, Paper and Pencil.

12. ABSENCES: If you are absent from school, it is your responsibility to find out  about any missing work. Make-up work is due the following day after receipt of the assignment. You will also need to get an admit slip from the attendance office.

13. ASSIGNMENTS: All assignments must be turned in by deadlines. Ten (10) points will be deducted per day up to a total of two days. On the third day you will receive a zero.

14. CHEATING: If you are caught cheating – You will receive an automatic zero (0). This includes doing work for someone else or having them do your work.

15. DETENTION: If you are given detention, I will give you an assignment to work on. You will also receive lunch detention for talking in class, not doing your work or walking around the class without permission.

16. TEXTBOOKS: It is your responsibility to keep up with your book. The only writing that should be in the textbook is your name which is on the inside cover.

17. GRADING: Grades will be determined by the following: Daily assignments, Quizzes, Tests and Classroom participation.

18. PRINTING WORK: Printing assignments will be done on assigned days. No printing for your own pleasure or without permission.

19. ASSIGNMENTS: All work should have the following information. Name   (first and last), Date, Period and Lesson number.

20. COURTEOUS: Be nice and respectful to others, respect school property, avoid teasing, touching, and rough playing with others.

21. END OF CLASS PROCEDURES: Work until told to STOP Prior to leaving the classroom, your desk must be clean, trash put in the trash can on the way out and your chairs must be pushed in.

22. ENTERTAINMENT: No CD players, radios, tape recorders, headphones or cellular phones, cassette players, Ipods, DVD players, PSP’s, or MP3 players are allowed in class. If you are caught with any of these items it will be confiscated and given to one of the Administrators in the office.

23. GAMES: No computer games or hand held games are allowed in classEVER. If you have completed all of your work. Redo the lessons you have a low score or review for an upcoming quiz or exam.

24. INTERNET – Usage of the Internet allowed only with a yes on your ID card. Do not give anyone your personal ID number and games are NEVER ALLOWED.

25. VISITATION: No walking around the classroom or visiting other students.

26. COMPUTER SETTINGS – Do not change any settings on the computer. This includes screen savers.


28. LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Absolutely no lining up at the door. Remain at your station until the bell rings or until you have been dismissed.    



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 I have reviewed the rules with my child and will discuss them and ensure they follow the rules in class.

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