All elements of the high school band program play a very important role for the development of a well-rounded student.  Students will learn about team work, leadership, discipline, organization, expression, physical education, and performance techniques.


Band I, II, III, and IV (Marching Band, Concert & Symphonic Bands)

Marching Band:  The Kennedy “Mighty Rocket Band” marches over 120 students.  Entering 9th graders will learn marching fundamentals in the summer prior to their 9th grade year.  10th-12thgraders will also have summer band to review these fundamentals for the upcoming football/competitive marching season.  In August, we begin to learn our season’s competition field show.

Attendance to summer band and weekly practices are mandatory and are integral to our success.  During marching season, students will have multiple performances including football games, marching band competitions, and pep rallies.

The marching band learns numerous marching fundamentals, our season’s field show (which the students march and perform on their instrument), and other football game music during this time.  We also continue with our music fundamentals which are exercised year round.

Marching season officially runs from summer band until our last football game in November.  Also, fiesta events during fiesta week in April, and our annual Cinco de Mayo parade, may also be included as our marching season (or parade season).

Color Guard:  The Kennedy Color Guard, or band flags, performs at every performance with the“Mighty Rocket Band” during the marching season and parade season.  There is no prior experience necessary to join this section of the band.  The color guard has a similar practice schedule during marching season with the Mighty Rocket Band.  Any students interested in the color guard should notify the band directors, as we recruit middle school band students in their middle schools.  Color Guard is not offered in the middle school level.

Symphonic Band:  Directed by Mr. Medina. (Please refer to Mr. Wright’s page for the course description of the Concert Band)

The Symphonic Band competes as the Varsity concert band for Kennedy High School.  Students are placed into Symphonic or Concert Bands based on the audition of their all-state music, which is held in November.  Students will learn music fundamentals, warm-ups, rhythms, and numerous exercises to be successful for their future performances. There are concert performances and an annual UIL Concert & Sightreading competition held in April.  There are weekly “sectional” practices that are mandatory.  The Symphonic Band will have extended rehearsals after school leading up to our UIL contest in April.


Stage Band I, II, III, and IV (Jazz Band)

Now offered at Kennedy HS is our Jazz Band, taught by Mr. Wright.  Please refer to his course description for more information.


Instrument Ensemble I, II, III, and IV

These classes are offered for current band students who want to continue their music skills with further study on theory, rehearsal techniques, all-state music, and solo and ensemble music.  Some students may also learn a secondary instrument.