EISD Student ID Badge Guidelines

January 14, 2012

Dear Parent or Guardian,                                                                           

As administrators,we are charged with the safety and well-being of all our Edgewood students andstaff. To help ensure the safety of our campuses, the District is implementing newidentification badges.  While on campus,all students, teachers, staff and visitors will be required to wear the new identificationbadge. This system will assist the District in maintaining the security of thebuildings and their occupants while prohibiting unauthorized visitors.  Students will receive their newidentification badges next week, please take some time to familiarize yourselfwith the following new procedures:

1.      Upon enrollment each year, students will be issued their studentidentification badge, free of charge. 

2.      The student’s identification badge will serve as their official studentactivity card and must be carried by the student at alltimes while on campus and off campus while attending school functions during the school day. Failureto follow this procedure shall result in parent/guardian notification and mayresult in disciplinary action depending on the frequency and circumstances ofthe infraction.

3.      All identificationbadges must be clearly visible and worn with a District issued lanyard. If astudent is wearing a jacket, the lanyard must be on the outside of the jacket.

4.      Upon request, students will be required to present their badge to anyadministrator, staff member or authorized representative of the District.

5.      Identification badges will be issued at no cost the first time a studentregisters each year. Students enrolled in 6th through 12th grade will be charged a $5.00 replacementfee to replace a lost identification badge. Students that withdraw and returnto the District during the same schoolyear will be charged a replacement fee of $5.00 unless the student has acurrent identification badge.

6.      Students may be asked to produce their identification badge in order topurchase tickets to school events, to be admitted to a school function, or tovote in a student election.

7.      Student badges will be required for lunch, to check out library books, forparticipation in after-school campus activities, and for the administration of prescriptionmedications by the School Nurse.

8.       Homeroom / 1st period teacherswill check that all students have their identification badge with them daily.

9.       If a student comes to schoolwithout an ID badge, they will be given a temporary replacement badge for theday. The replacement badge will be returned at the end of the school day.

10.   For PK, K and 1st grade students ONLY:  Teachers willdistribute student identification badges in the classroom every morning.  The teacher will collect all badges at theend of the school day. 

11.   Replacement cards will be createdon one designated day each week.  One daya week, the campus librarian or a designee will make badges for new studentsand for students who need replacement badges.


We understand thatthis system is something new and will require an adjustment.  Thank you in advance for your support of thisinitiative as we work to keep our students safe while in school. Please ensurethat your child wears their identification badge to school each day.  Please contact your campus administrator ifyou have any questions.




Dr. Jose A. Cervantes

Superintendent of Schools