Employees that are enrolled in a District medical mealthcare plan may obtain a flu/pneumonia vaccine injection at no cost. You will need to present your medical identification card to the pharmacist as proof of coverage. Employees may also receive the injection thru your primary care physician (PCP) at no cost; however, the primary may require you to pay the $25.00 copay for the office visit.

You may go to any facility such as CVS, Walgreens, or HEB to obtain the injection as long as you first verify that the facility is willing to file with Group & Pension Administrators (GPA). If you do not verify you may be asked to pay upfront and then file a claim with GPA yourself.

If you have not received your medical ID card, please contact the Mullen Group at 210-949-0002. Please do not hesitate to contact the Risk Management Office at 210-444-4556 should you have any questions. You may also contact Lillian Sanchez, GPA’s representative at 800-827-7223, extension 2471 should you have any questions on this or other medical topics. Thank you for your cooperation.