6th Grade English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR) Course Syllabus

Ms. Valerie Campbell
Rm. 6
Contact Information:    
Phone:  444-7675 ext. 1754                      
Email:                   valerie.campbell@eisd.net

What are we learning?  Students in the 6th grade EnglishLanguage Arts classroom will read to analyze a variety of written texts(Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, and Drama) and write to compose a variety ofwritten texts (Expository, Narrative, Descriptive, and Persuasive) with a clear,controlling idea, coherent organization, sufficient detail, and a betterunderstanding of the English language.

How are we learning?  We will learn in a variety of ways!  My goal is to help you to analyze literature expressyourself in a clear and concise manner. Expect activities that require you to write, illustrate, move, listen,create and predict.  We are preparing youto be successful on the 6th grade STAAR test and in college.  I amlooking forward to an exciting new year with you.  I know that with hard work and determination,together we will make this year a success. I want you to know that I’m excited you’re here, and I look forward togiving you the tools you need to succeed.

How can I be preparedfor class?  If you are absent or you are missing work,you may pick up the missing work in your class assigned drawers.  My students are responsible for bringing thefollowing materials to English Language Arts class on a daily basis:

1.    Pencils or pens (no red ink)

2.    Composition Book

3.    Loose leaf paper


4.     Folder (if you do not have one, you do nothave to buy one)

5.    Agenda (the onethat is passed out on the 1st day)


(REMINDER: Bringingall materials to classes on a daily basis is a campus-wide rule)


Homework: Assignedhomework days are Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Allstudents will engage in 30 minutes of daily reading with a reflection kept in amonitored reading log.

How are we graded?  3 grades will be taken per week.

                                      Dailywork: 50%

                                      Tests andQuizzes: 50%


If you are absentIf students are absent, they arerequired to bring an admit slip from the office for me to sign.  As soon as they return to class, they are tocheck what work they missed in their class assigned homework drawer.  Homework is due on the next day.  10 points will be deducted per day.   

If you are tardy – If students aretardy, they are still held responsible for the work that the class began /completed before the student entered the classroom. 

Zeros– All students arerequired to turn in their work.  I allowmake-up work and late work at a 10 point deduction per day, so there is noexcuse for a zero.  If you need any extraassistance for your missing work, I can provide, before and after class, orduring tutoring.  Don’t be afraid to ask!

Where can I turn in make up work?: In the blackbox labeled “Late Work”.  If you wereabsent, don’t forget to write the date you are turning it in so I may give youthe highest amount of credit possible. 

When is Tutoring?  Open tutoring is on Tuesdays and Thursdays afterschool from 4 to 5.  Tutoring may become part of a student’sIndividual Academic Improvement Plan and they might be required to attend, butall students are encouraged to attend. If you need individual homework help, arrangements can be made with yourteacher.

How should we behave?  With our Focus in mind!  My classroom has 4 main studentresponsibilities that are much like what our Focus is at Brentwood:

1.    Be in our seat and working with all neededmaterials.

2.    Follow directions of all teachers and staff.

3.    Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.

4.    Use appropriate language and actions.


What if I don’t followthe rules? Consequences include:

1.    Verbalreminder

2.    1stStage One Referral from Teacher

3.    2ndStage One Referral from Teacher and parent phone call

4.    3rdStage One Referral from Teacher , parent phone call and afterschool detention


5.    Stage2 Referral to the office


**Student /Teacher Conference

**Parent / Student / Teacher   Conferences

**Office Referrals –which may result in ISS,Alternative School or Expulsion


What if I do behave? FOCUS bucks!! Youalso gain my respect!  I will show youthat I respect you by the way I treat you. I enjoy spending time and interacting with students who work hard andlive up to their responsibilities because I know it is not always easy to be ahard worker.  I will also reward you withmy attention and various goodies I bring into class!


Sharpen my pencil?Yes, we have sharpeners at your desks.  Ifyou need to empty it, raise your hand.

Use the RR?  You only have 9 passes per 9 weeks in myclass.  You are not allowed out the first15 minutes or the last 15 minutes of class. Only 1 person may leave at a time. You must have your bathroom pass that has been assigned to you for me toinitial.  Sign out and back in. 

Go to the Nurse?  Be ready to describe your symptoms.  If you receive daily medication, let me knowso that I may write you a pass each time you go.  Signback in when you return with the pass.

Howdo I…

          Askquestions?  Raise your hand andwait to be called upon. 

Turn in my work?  Pass papers to the row or group captain.   Once collected, the captain will pass them tothe teacher to collect.

Getsupplies for group work? Row captains handle all materials and papers.


**My website: Pleasecheck my website.  I will be updatinginformation throughout the year on assignments and other information thestudents need to know.  Thank you!



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I have read and understand theclass expectations and guidelines:

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