Course Description: In Biology, students conductlaboratory and field investigations, use scientific methods duringinvestigations, and make informed decisions using critical thinking andscientific problem solving. Students in Biology study a variety of topics thatinclude: structures and functions of cells and viruses; growth and developmentof organisms; cells, tissues, and organs; nucleic acids and genetics; biologicalevolution; taxonomy; metabolism and energy transfers in living organisms;living systems; homeostasis; and ecosystems and the environment.


Science,as defined by the National Academy of Sciences, is the "use of evidence toconstruct testable explanations and predictions of natural phenomena, as wellas the knowledge generated through this process." This vast body ofchanging and increasing knowledge is described by physical, mathematical, andconceptual models. Students should know that some questions are outside therealm of science because they deal with phenomena that are not scientificallytestable.


Materials:  See Toltech supply list.


Student Expectations:






·        Abideby the policies and procedures stated in this document, as well as directionsfrom the teacher, and the student handbook.

·        Getinvolved and participate in discussions. Ask questions and don’t let yourclassmates do all the work.

·        Attendclass regularly. Study and come prepared to work hard from bell to bell.

·        Avoidacademic dishonesty by doing your own work.





1.     Treat everyone with respect and respect yourself!

2.     Follow directions and do not speak when I am lecturing or giving directions.

3.     Do not use profanity.

4.     No food, drinks, or cell phones allowed in class.

5.     Do not crowd around the door at the end of the period. I will dismiss youpromptly.

v Remember:The bell does not dismiss you, the teacher dismisses you.



·        Formative: Daily work, homework,quizzes, class participation, etc…                     50%

·        Summative: Tests, lab reports,projects, research papers, presentations                     50%

·        Homework is due the next school day.NO EXCEPTIONS!

·        Make-up work: Work that was due on the daythat you were absent is due immediately upon your return to class, with theexception of projects.  For assignmentsgiven on the day you were absent, you have two days for every one day you wereabsent to make up the work. It is YOUR responsibility to see me after schoolfor your missing assignments.

·        Late work will be accepted for amaximum grade of 70 for up to 3 days, after which the assignment will no longerbe accepted and a zero will be given for that assignment. If you will are absent on theday a project is due, the project will be counted late unless there areextenuating circumstances. Some labs are difficult to make up so an alternativeassignment may be assigned.


Science Research Project:  All science students will be required tocomplete a Science Research Project during the first 18-week gradingperiod.  This project will count as apercentage of your semester grade. Specific details with dates and directions will be given at a later time. 


Interactive Notebook: Procedures on how tosuccessfully develop this learning tool will be provided during the first weekof school. You will be graded according to those guidelines given.  This notebook will be an integral part of theentire course, and you will be expected to maintain it daily.


Lab Reports: Labs are an essential part ofthis course. In some cases, a formal lab report will be required in addition tothe basic lab work.  This will be countedas a separate grade. I will notify you when a formal lab report is required.More information on formatting and requirements will be given at a later time.


Exams: Exams will be announced inadvance.  Retesting will be allowed forselect tests and quizzes, but it is your responsibility to see me about thisopportunity.  If you are absent on theday of an exam, you must make arrangements to make up the exam within five daysor a ZERO will be recorded for that exam. If you are caught cheating anytime during the exam you will receive animmediate score of zero and disciplinary action may be taken.



·        Ifyou are over 15 minutes late, you will be counted absent.

·        Passes out of class are not given thefirst 15 minutes of class or the last 5 minutes of class, or during anytimeinformation is being relayed.  Passes arenormally only given when independent and group work is being conducted.  If you need to use the restroom, raise yourhand and let me know.  If permission isgiven, sign out and take the pass. Sign back in upon return, return the pass,and quietly take your seat.

·        Throwtrash away and sharpen pencils before class or after I am finishedteaching.  Always ask for permission toleave your seat.  If you have a question,raise your hand and I will call on you.

·        Seatingcharts will be assigned.  I will chooseyour seat.  It could be changed at anytime at my discretion.  If I ask you tomove, please do so without delay.  If youhave an issue with your neighbor, we can discuss a possible seat reassignmentfor you.

·        Iexpect my students to treat any substitutes will respect and care.

·        Tutorialsessions are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30-5:30 pm.  If you need to meet at another time, pleaselet me know. 


Consequencesfor Misbehaving:

·        VerbalWarning

·        Conferencewith you

·        Changeof Seating

·        Lossof privileges

·        Parentphone call

·        Conferencewith student and other staff as necessary

·        Conferencewith parents or home visit

·        Detention

·        DisciplineReferral

v Severedisruption will result in an automatic referral to the Discipline Center.


As the school yearprogresses, changes may be made to the syllabus. I will notify you in a timelymanner. Biology can be a difficult science course if you do not study yournotes and keep up with your work. If you fall behind, passing Biology becomesmore difficult. I will be available to assist you, but YOU must make everyeffort to do your part.  If we worktogether, I see no reason why you cannot be successful in this course. I amlooking forward to a wonderful school year!!