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Frequently Asked Questions:
I have a problem, what should I do?  The following is an outline of the District’s grievance process (for additional information, see below):



What kinds of complaints does the Human Resource Department handle? A complaint under this policy shall include grievances concerning an employee’s wages, hours, or conditions of work and specific allegations of unlawful discrimination in employment on the basis of race, religion, national origin, age, or disability, specific allegations of unlawful discrimination or retaliation of the basis of the employee’s exercise of constitutional rights, and “Whistleblower” complaints. A complaint must specify the individual harm alleged.

How Can An Employee Relations Officer Help You?

  • There are a number of actions that fall under the umbrella of fostering the employer-employee relationship. Part of what an Employee Relations Officer does is handle informal and formal employee complaints in a variety of areas.
  • An Employee Relations Officer can act as an Ombudsman. An Ombudsman is responsible for serving as a resource person to employees by assisting in preventing or eliminating conditions that are not conducive to a positive working environment.  Therefore, if an employee has a grievance, that employee makes request for an Ombudsman to be present at an informal conference with his/her supervisor or designated party.
  • An Ombudsman may make recommendations to the employee and/or the Designated Party for resolution of concerns. Please Note: Recommendations of the Ombudsman are for the sole purpose of resolving controverted issues and may not be used by the party complaining or the party being complained against for any purpose.

The Employee Relations Officer at Edgewood ISD:          Sylvia M. Lopez-Shafer

                                                                                                          Phone:       (210) 444-4569

                                                                                                          Facsimile: (210) 444-4545


How long do I have to think about whether I want to file a grievance?  An employee’s request shall be made within 15 business days of the time the employee first knew or should have known of the event or series of events causing the complaint. Timelines are strictly enforced, and careful attention should be paid to them.


What is the difference between an Informal Hearing and a Level One grievance hearing? An informal grievance is a gateway for open communication between the employee and the Designated Party to attempt to resolve any issue(s). This is a necessary step before going to a Level 1 grievance hearing. It is in the best interest of all parties that issues are resolved at the lowest possible level; as such, employees and supervisors are strongly encouraged to utilize the informal conference to the fullest extent possible (see previous paragraph on the role of the Employee RelationsOfficer). If the issue(s) cannot be resolved at the informal hearing, then the employee’scomplaint must be (if not already), in writing. A grievance Level 1 must be heard within 10 days of the receipt of the written complaint.  A formal response must be completed by the Designated Party within 7 days from the Level 1 hearing.  


Can I start the grievance process at a Level 2 hearing? Generally, no. Employees who allege unlawful discrimination in retaliation for reporting a violation of law to an appropriate authority shall invoke this policy within the time specified by law (“whistleblower” complaints) and begin at Level 2.


If I received the requested remedy at the informal level, do I have to proceed to Level 1? No. If you have received your remedies and/or agreed to certain things, you would not move forward to the next level. If you did not receive everything you have asked for, but feel contented with what explanations or responses you were given, you would not proceed to the next level.


If I fail to place all my remedies in the Level One grievance, can add them on when I appeal to other levels? No. You must have asked for all your remedies in Level One. You are not allowed to amend your remedies during later appeals.


What if I miss a deadline to appeal to the next level? Unless the timelines have been extended by mutual agreement, you must adhere strictly to the deadlines for each level (please review chart) or you are deemed to have waived your appeal/complaint.


What if I have several complaints? All complaints arising out of an event or related series of events shall be addressed in one complaint. An employee is precluded from bringing separate or serial complaints concerning events about which the employee has previously complained.


Who investigates if I have a complaint? If an employee alleges in writing specific facts that, if true, would constitute a violation of the employee’s common law, statutory or constitutional rights, the Superintendent or designee shall investigate the allegations.


What does “filing” mean? It means that the complaint forms and appeal notices may be filed by hand-delivery, fax, or U.S.mail. Hand-delivered filings shall be timely filed if received by the appropriate Designated Party or designee by the close of business on the deadline. Fax filings shall be timely filed if they are received on or beforethe deadline, as indicated by the date/time shown on the fax copy. Mail filings shall be timely filed if they are postmarked by U.S. Mail on the deadline and received by the appropriate Designated Party or designated representative no more than three after the deadline.



Where can I find the complaint forms, responses, and appeal notices?  {Forms}


Can I read more about Employment Grievances? Yes. Additional information is contained in the most recent edition of the Edgewood Employee Handbook as well as in Board Policy  {Click Here} Formal complaint, response, and appeal forms can be found in Board Policy.


For further inquiries, please contact Human Resources at (210) 444-4569.