M. Lyn Martinez

Personal Leadership Credo


These are the core values and supporting leadership principles that I will live and lead by.  In my pursuit to live up to them, I may stumble. Nevertheless, when I do, I will know and I will be my worst critic. I will hold myself 100% accountable to them and continually evaluate myself against these values/principles and ask my team members, peers and leaders to do the same.




  • I will be driven by a strong sense of purpose and have the strength to persist in the face of setbacks and failure.
  • I will demonstrate shared leadership by including others in the decision making process.
  • I will develop and cultivate a workplace culture of collaboration.
  • I will lead by example, set high standards and act with integrity and honesty. 



  • I will do what is ethical at all times.
  • I will demonstrate credibility by being true to my word.
  • I will be consistent between actions and words.
  • I will demonstrate dependability and reliability in all that I do.
  • I will live and lead by the principles of my Leadership Credo daily.



  • I will be results driven.
  • I will be 100% responsible for all my actions.
  • I will follow through on all my promises and commitments.
  • I will accept responsibility for my failures.
  • I will admit when I am wrong.

Courage and Decisiveness


  • I will have the discipline, energy, determination and strength to stand up for my beliefs and will take action to get things done.
  • I will not be deterred by fear and avoid uncomfortable topics.
  • I will make decisions on what is in the best interests of the organization, especially the children.
  • I will make timely decisions with confidence.
  • I will make tough yes/no decisions.



  • I will demonstrate strong and effective capabilities and deliver strong results.
  • I will stay in a mode of continuous learning and work to stay knowledgeable and proficient.
  • I will develop leaders throughout the school.
  • I will know myself, continually reflect and grow.



  • I will act and lead with enthusiasm and emotional energy.
  • I will motivate others to embrace transformation and change.
  • I will act with persistence and tenacity towards organizational goals

Caring & Supportive


  • I will treat people with dignity and respect.
  • I will be open and honest in all my communication.
  • I will be a good listener.
  • I will respect individuality and value diversity.
  • I will recognize and praise good behavior.
  • I will share important information to assist other in making decisions.