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Math blog expectations for this 2013 Calendar. 
The rubric link below will be used to assess the total points you will receive per blog entry completed. 
                                                      BLOG RUBRIC!
  • Describe the sides of a right triangle and how they are related to Pythagorean Theorem

    Posted by Christin Lopez at 1/13/2014
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  • What are the 5 steps you must remember for solving equations?

    Posted by Christin Lopez at 12/13/2013
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  • Unit Rates

    Posted by Christin Lopez at 10/16/2013
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  • The Surface Area and Volume of Pyramids, Prisms, Cylinders and Cones

    Posted by Ms. Lopez at 1/31/2013
    Read through the following article: Math Planet
    Answer the following Questions.
    When answering the questions please put the # in front of it. 
    1. What formula is the toughest to remember and why?
    2. What strategy can you use to remember that formula?
    3. Create your own problem in which a another student in class will answer? 
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  • What are the real-life situations in which you would use scale factor?

    Posted by Christin Lopez at 11/13/2012 2:45:00 PM
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