• 2013-2014 New Teacher Induction and Mentoring Program

    by Patricia Zamora - Staff Development Director
    Edgewood ISD has High Expectations for New Teachers
    New teachers to Edgewood ISD with less than three years of teaching experience are assigned a qualified mentor at the campus level.
    Mentors and new teachers meet once a week to discuss and reflect on student achievement on finding solutions to the challenges that new teachers face.
    Mentors and New Teachers attend a Texas Beginning Educator Support System (TxBESS) training once in the fall and again in the spring.
    Mentors receive strategies on coaching and collegial conversations.
    New teacher support meetings are offered four times a year.
    A Saturday training series is offered for novice teachers on the topic of Instrucion for all Students. New teachers will learn strategies for actively engaging students and multiple approaches to 21st Century Thinking Skills that promote rigor and relevance.
    EISD also participates in Performance Based Academic Coaching Teams - PACT.  PACT is a member-only, secured website created for the purpose of helping new teachers experiene success during their first years of teaching. PACT will encourage collaboration and growth for Mentors and New Teachers.
    A celebration is held at the end of the year for New Teacher and Mentors.
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  • Video Links

    by Patricia Zamora - Staff Development Director

    EISD New Teacher Welcome  1 of 3 http://youtu.be/BNFpQJKYXpE

    EISD Mentor Expectations  2 of 3 http://youtu.be/EZWUo5tA4oE
    EISD Spring MentorTxBESS Training  3 0f 3  http://youtu.be/81R9yYt2LRo

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  • Mentor Agreement Form

    by Patricia Zamora - Staff Development Director
    Mentors to new teachers participating in the district program are required to sign this document and return it the the Staff Development Department.
    Please contact Patricia Zamora at pzamora@eisd.net  or 444-8122 if you have any questions.
    mentor_agreement_form 2013-14.pdf, 95.31 KB (Last Modified on September 24, 2013)
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  • Spring Semester New Teacher Mentoring Support Log

    by Patricia Zamora- Staff Development Director
    The challenges of teaching can be overwhelming for new teachers.
    Mentor support is integral for new teacher success.
    Mentors and new teachers are expected to meet for face to face meetings at a minimum one time a week.
    Conversations should be targeted and focused with student achievement at the forefront of the meeting.
    The New Teacher Mentoring Support Log is to be turned in at the end of the semester.
    Spring Support Log 2013-14.xls, 34.50 KB (Last Modified on March 17, 2014)
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  • New Teacher Classroom Observation and Reflections Log

    by Patricia Zamora- Staff Development Director
    Watching our peers in practice is powerful! For new teachers even more so.
    When the time is taken to reflect on that practice that is when the magic happens! Professional Growth!
    Mentors should facilitatate one new teacher peer observation in the spring semester and one in the fall smester.
    Immediately following the observation New Teacher and Mentor should meet to reflect on what was observed and discuss specific actions they both will take.
    The completed document is submitted to the Staff Development Department.
    new_teacher_classroom_obs_log_and_reflections.doc, 70.50 KB (Last Modified on March 17, 2014)
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