Homework for

Ms. Perez's Class



Spelling words:  Write the Spelling words 5 times each.
1. am
2. can
3. the
4. an
5. ran
6. tan
7. and
8. cat
9. black
Study Sight Word Flash Cards  every night for 15-20 minutes.
Read a book everyday and night.
         Practice counting and writing your numbers from
         1 - 20.  You should also draw for example a cat and write
          one 1,
         draw 2 birds and then write two...
        ... three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven
       twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen,
       eighteen, nineteen, twenty.   
           Students should work on your writing skills.  So you
          can start by writing your first and last name.  I would
          like you to use the correct handwriting strokes when
          writing the alphabet.  Practice writing the upper and
          lower case letters.        
Science:  Science Safety is what we will be studying the first
               week of school.  Parents please sign the Lab 
               Permission Slip and send it back with your child.
Social Studies:  Talk about where you live.
                 Where do you live?
                 Who is the mayor?
                 What is the your state's name?