Guidance Program

The School Counselor serve many important functions on our campus. One of these is to teach Guidance lessons.  In a guidance class the counselor focuses issues that the school community have singled out as needing attention, like bullying, stress, Character Education, self confidence, and being a successful student. The counselor uses the following Seven Skill Goals as a guide to address these issues:
  1. Self-Confidence Development - value their uniqueness and manage their feelings
  2. Motivation to Achieve - develop their academic potential and identify career opportunities
  3. Decision Making/ Goal Setting / Problem Solving - manage change and make good decisions
  4. Interpersonal Effectiveness - respect others and develop healthy friendships
  5. Communication Skills - express themselves appropriately and listen to others
  6. Cross Cultural Effectiveness - appreciate their own culture, be respectful of other cultures, and appreciate differences
  7. Responsible Behavior - accept responsibility for their actions and be self-disciplined