Hello ! Welcome to JoAnn Lopez's Teacher Page!
Name: JoAnn Lopez
Email Address:  joann.lopez@eisd.net
Campus Phone number:  (210)444-8040 ext. 3212

A Bit About Ms. Lopez


Ms. Lopez was born and raised in San Antonio and is a product of Edgewood. She continued her education and graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelor's in Business Administration. She has been a part of the Edgewood Independent School District since 2012 and is starting her third year teaching Algebra I.
Ms. Lopez takes pride in being from the Edgewood Community.  She too, is a parent in Edgewood, and has a passion for the success of all Edgewood students.  She is dedicated and motivated to see your children succeed and looks forward to another great year at Kennedy.
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