Mrs. Moreno's ABC Handbook


Attendance – Daily attendance is necessary to have a successful first grade experience.Our day begins promptly at 7:40 and the dismissal time is 3:00.Please make sure you have your child at school on time every day, unless he/she is sick.If your child is going to be out, please call to let me know why your child is out.Upon returning to school, your child still must bring in a signed excuse for each absence.I have to keep all of these excuses on file for documentation. Please refer to your school handbook if there are any questions.

Backpack – Your child needs a book bag for transporting folder, books, etc. to and from school.Please do not send rolling book bags.They are a safety hazard and we don’t have room for them on our hooks.

Book Orders – I will be sending home monthly book orders from Scholastic Book Club.If you would like to order any of these, please mark your selection on the order form and send it back with a check for the correct amount.Please make your checks out to Scholastic.I am sorry we cannot take cash.

Curriculum – Our LA curriculum is Journey's . The Math curriculum is from Envision. Our Social Studies curruculum is from Studies Weekly. The Science curriculum is from Pearson. Both Social Studies and Science will be intergrated with the LA and Reading curriculum.

Cookies/Cupcakes – If you would like to send in cookies or cupcakes for your child’s birthday, we ask that you do this during our lunch time so that we don’t disrupt our instructional time. It may only be store bought items.

Directory – As soon as things settle down, I will send home a sheet for parents to fill out if you wouldlike to have your home address and phone number published on a list to be sent to everyone in our class.Some parents find this helpful for inviting friends, birthday parties, etc..No one will have information published without their approval.
Discipline – Good conduct is vital for optimal learning in first grade!We begin to learn the school rules on the very first day of school.After the first week and orientation, we implement our behavior plan.A referral to the principal will also be made immediately for severe disruptions – threats, bullying, fighting, biting, etc.

E-mail – If you need to reach me at school, you may e-mail me at I check my e-mail periodically throughout the day. I will send home a form asking for email addresses. Please make sure to check your email if you turn one in. If you call, please leave a message and I will get back with you as soon as possible.My phone number at school is (210) 444-8450.

Field Trips – We try to take a two educational field trips each year. Please keep an eye out for information on trips for the 2015-2016 school year. .
Folders – Please return your child’s folder each day.All money should be in a Ziploc bag/envelope clearly labeled indicating what it is to be used for.

Homework – We have homework almost every night.This homework is meant to reinforce what your child is learning in the classroom. Homework will be sent in packet form on Mondays and will be due on Fridays. The homework packet will have spelling and math practice. Please let me know if your child struggled on homework; so, I can reteach the concept. Homework should take no longer than 30 minutes.If you ever have a question about your child’s homework, please feel free to give me a call or send me an e-mail.

Illnesses – If your child is sick, please keep him/her home.We love to share in first grade, but we don’t want to share our germs. JPlease don’t forget to send in a written excuse on your child’s first day back at school.

Ice Cream – Our lunchroom sells ice cream and cookies each day for 50 cents.If you choose to participate,


Journals – We will begin journal writing on the first day of school.We will start with a review of ournames and sentences with sight words learned in kindergarten.By the end of the year, you will be amazed at the stories your child will be able to write on his/her own.At the end of the year, we will send these journals home with your child, so you will have a journal of their writing skills from first grade.


Library (Media Center) – We will visit the library every other week.After the first your child will be allowed to check out a book to be taken home.Please make sure that your child takes very good care of these books.Also, please make sure your child returns his/her book to school the next day.A new book may not be checked out until the old one has been returned.

Lunch – We will be sending home menus. You may also send your child’s lunch.Please make sure it is clearly labeled.We are not allowed to heat or refrigerate any lunches.


Medicine – If your child requires medicine to be taken at school, it must be taken to the nurse in its original container.She will give you the necessary paperwork to complete.No medicine will be given to your child without signed permission. Cough drops and tums need to be given by the nurse as well!

Newsletter – I will send home a monthly newsletter every Month. This will let you know of any upcoming events, and donations we would like. It will also inform you of the skills and themes we will be working on those weeks.

Outside time (Recess) – Your child will get ten minutes for outdoor recess (weather permitting).  This year recess will need to be earned through behavior.  Please make sure you dress your child appropriately, as the weather changes.


Parties – Winston calls them “celebrations” and limits them to two each year.However, there will be other special days when we can share some simple treats.If you would like to be our room parent to coordinate this, please let me know.

Questions- If you ever have any questions about our program, please feel free to either call me or e-mail me.I will get back with you as soon as possible.


ReadingIt is my goal for every child to leave my class reading and writing fluently this year.We may be at different levels- but we should all be reading and writing independantly!We will be working hard every day, and you can help so much by reading to your child every night. Report Cards – Report cards will be sent home every nine weeks.


Syllabus – Our Second grade syllabus is on the website so you can see what we learn throughout the year.Please take time to practice skills and concepts we are working on so you are aware of what your child knows and can do.  Second Grade is a joy to teach!

Supplies – School supplies was provided by the district and therefore will stay at school.

Snacks – Your child may want a snack for the mid-morning.Please try to send healthy snacks that are convenient for your child to eat.Please do not send drinks.We encourage lots of water.


Toys – Please don’t allow your child to bring toys to school.These can become a distraction in our classroom and are often misplaced. I will collect toys and keep them until the end of the week.

Units – We teach many of our skills and concepts through thematic units.We will inform you of the units we will be teaching each month.If you have something to contribute to our classroom regarding these themes, please let us know!

Volunteers – We love to have volunteers to help us out in the classroom. Please let me know if you are interested in these opportunities.We appreciate your support!


 Web site – Our web site for our classroom can be accessed through our school website..

 I try very hard to keep the information and announcements current.Please let me know if there is something extra that you would like for me to post on the web site.

Word lists – Each child has a word dictionary. Any word that is not in the dictionary can be added to the blank lines. By the end of the year, your child should have a full list of words for each letter of the alphabet.

 Excitement – It doesn’t actually begin with an x, but there is definitely plenty of excitement in Second grade!!!!

Year – Your child’s Second grade year should be a year they will always remember fondly and one that makes them love to learn. Please remember to always contact us if you ever need anything.

ZZZ’s – Please make sure your child goes to bed early each night.We have such a busy day!!

The End