Welcome to Chris Jackson-

Classroom Rules:
1. Be in your seat and be quiet when the bell rings. At the end of the class, I will dismiss you.
2. Class assignments are the only work to be done in this class, unless I give permission otherwise.
3. Come to class prepared to work! Bring all materials to class.
4. Cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, CD players, headphones, or any other electronic devices are not allowed in class. Unauthorized use will result in confiscation of device.
5. No Internet use without permission. Approved district sites only!
6. No food or drinks in class.
7. No personal grooming in class.
8. When you are absent, you will be responsible for obtaining any assignments, notes, handouts, or exams that you missed. Go to the Classroom Calendar and select the day or days that you missed to find out what your assignment was while you were out.
9. All assignments are to be turned in on time. Points will be taken off for late assignments.
10. Do not change screen savers, desktops or any computer settings.
11. No profanity.
12. Follow all school rules.
Corrective Actions:
1. Verbal warning.
2. Change seat.
3. Parent phone call.
4. Detention.
5. Parent conference.
6. Administrative referral.
Classroom Supplies:
1. Will be supplied by EISD.