Alonso S. Perales Elementary

Parental Involvement Policy


Mission:  To inspire and foster educational excellence in pursuit of a lifetime of learning.


VISION:Our commitment at Perales Elementary School is to build and support a Culture of Excellence that willcreate Exemplary Student Achievement.

  1. Commitment to Excellence as a Professional Learning Community.
  2. Commitment to Excellence and Exemplary Student Achievement.
  3. Instilling the belief that families feel responsible and become part of our community. Establishing relationship) with parents.


Edgewood ISD recognizes the need for parental involvement to enhance their presence as role models in an academic environment and encourage support from school personnel, district administrators, and the school board. This is an effort that will promote consistent partnerships between parents and schools.

As vital resources to encourage learning,parents have developed goals that will ensure effective and positive environments which will result in continuing the need for parental involvement.


Goals:  The partnership between home and Perales Elementary will be supported by the following goals:

  1. School administrators, faculty and staff will provide a nurturing environment and implement instruction which addresses specific needs for children.
  2. The school will encourage 100% of parental involvement, and will recognize parents as partners in education.
  3. Parents will be encouraged and empowered to comment on school policies and to share in decision-making.
  4. Parents will be collaborators in the educational process, and will take an active role in their child's education.
  5. The school will communicate with parents regarding their child's progress and together will develop ways to assist the students.
  6. Parents will be trained to assist students in the classroom environment and on a one-to-one basis.
  7. Perales Elementary will support parents in their own continuing education.
  8. Perales Elementary will offer flexibility for meetings and training such as in the morning, afternoon and evening.