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Comment on how effective are the Crash Course videos that are shown as review clips for world history.
Do these clips help you learn?
  • L Simnacher

    Sounds interesting!
  • N Hernandez

    John Green has helped me in world history by making the topics easier to remember and funner to learn.
    ~and he draws cool characters.
  • B San Miguel

    It is an intersting way of learning history.
  • K Johnson

    I think that the John Green videos are useful because they provide an insight into history that we normally wouldn't have. Using cartoons and witty jokes, he makes history interesting in a way that the dry literature we are forced to read will never accomplish. John Green is entertaining, which is a key factor in capturing the attention of school-aged children (as in us).
    -K Johnson
  • R Alcala

    John green is helpful because it shows the main ideas of the topic being shown.
  • U Flores

    I like the crash course videos they're very educatonal
  • D Rios

    john green videos are very helpful
  • A Gonzales

    i think John Green videos help me understand the topic we go over. He is very clear when talking about the unit we are going over.
  • P Payne

    John Greens videos are very useful, and I want his new book!
  • G Ochoa

    John Green videos are kind of helpful
  • Diaz, J.A.

    The crash cource videos are helpful. They add to the information learned in class. Mr. Perez does an excelent job in corrolating the information to the video. John Green addes another prospective, adding to the overall corrolation between the information.
Last Modified on April 11, 2013