Spanish I  

Señora Andrus

Room 116

Course Syllabus


Textbook:  ¡Buen Viaje!

                     Other related materials that enhance curriculum such as readings, literature, newspapers, videos, etc.


 ¡Buen Viaje! This course is designed to provide students with the skills they need in the exploration of foreign language through speaking, reading, writing, listening, and study of various cultures where the language is spoken. Culture will be integrated through the text with the introduction of vocabulary with emphasizes being placed on grammar and new learned vocabulary. Both oral and written work is required. Communication in Spanish will be required in order to gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures, which will allow them to connect with other disciplines, and develop insight into the nature of the language and culture.

 Activities include dialogue, written assignments, readings, translations, projects, tests and presentations.




                                                  Course Overview

1St  9 Wks


Week    1-2:       First Day procedures

                          Ch. Preliminario

                          Spanish alphabet, months of the year, 

                          Seasons of the year, division of

                          words,  describing people and places,

                          Subject Pronouns, nationalities, 

                          numbers 0-30


 Week   3-6:      Ch. Preliminar, Ch. 1 Describing people

                          and places, Nationalities, Numbers 0-30

                          Greetings, days of the week

                          Months of the year, Seasons, Adjectives 

                          Definite and Indefinite articles

                          The verb Ser


Week   7-9:      Ch. 2 School Subjects and Courses,

                        Telling Time, Nationalities, Numbers

                         31-90, Plural form of nouns, articles and      

                          adjectives, plural forms of ser,   

                          telling time

                          Project- Dias de los Muertos  

                          Review for semester exam                                                                                    

                          Semester exam                                                                                

2nd  9 Wks


Week 1-4:        Ch. 3,4 School Supplies,, Clothing,

                         Colors, Sizes, Shopping, Going to


                         Singular forms of –ar verbs, Tú versus

                         Usted, numbers 100-1,000, plural forms

                         -ar verbs ir, dar, estar, the contractions al

                         and del



Week 5-9:        Ch. 5, 6 Foods and Beverages, Eating at

                         A Café, Shopping for Food, Family

                          Relationships, Rooms in a House or

                          Apartment, Telling your Age

                         -er and –ir verbs in the present, the verb

                          tener que; Ir a , possessive adjectives

                          Lectura- Las Posadas  

                          Review for semester exam

                          Semester exam                                  

3rd 9 Wks


Week 1-4:        Ch. 7 Team Sports and Physical


                         Stem-Changing Verbs  e - > ie and

                          O - >  ue ,  interesar, aburrir, gustar



Week 5-9:        Ch. 8  Minor illnesses, Symptoms of

                          of a cold,  flu, or fever, Medical exams,

                          Parts of the Body, Prescriptions 

                          ser and estar, me te, nos

4th 9Wks


Week 1-4:        Ch. 9  Summer and Winter Weather,

                         Summer and Winter Sports, and

                         Leisure Activities, -ar verbs in the

                         Preterite, Direct object pronouns lo, la,

                         los, las                                 


Week 4-9:          Ch. 10 Attending cultural events, Teen

                           Dating customs,  -er and –ir verbs in

                           The preterite, indirect object pronoun

                            le, les

                           Introduction of literature: short stories

                            Reading for enjoyment comprehension

                            And enjoyment Review



Nine Weeks grade is based on the following: summative and formative average


                                    Assignment                                             Factor

 Tests/Projects/folder/presentations                                       50% (summative)

Class participation/daily work/homework/quizzes               50% (formative)


Semester grade = 50% cumulative grades/50% semester examinations

                             Average of the two 9 weeks grade + semester exam


Tutoring: Will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays From 8:00-8:30 Rm. 111