Instructional Resources for 3rd Grade- Reading
Our 3rd graders learned about Roberto Clemente and his greatest accomplishments.  Included is a thinking guide we used to organize what we learned about him and a video about his life.


 Expository Thinking Guide


Title of the SelectionRoberto Clemente By Christine King Farris

Genre: Biography Topic of Selection

Name of the noteworthy person, animal or thing

Roberto Clemente

(Central Idea)

Main Idea of Selection

Greatest accomplishments

Roberto Clemente was the greatest all-around baseball player of his time

Main Idea of Each Paragraph

Biography Outline

A. Introduction to the Noteworthy Person


B. Childhood

C. Education, Training or Development


D. Significant Events


Use biography outline to predict the main idea of each paragraph.

1. The author introduced Roberto Clemente as a little boy from Puerto Rico with a fever to play and win at baseball.



2. Roberto was very poor but made what he needed to play baseball.

3. He made his way up to professional. (Implied idea)



4. He was invited to play in the major leagues in America.

5. Sent to play a losing team, the Pittsburgh Pirates.

6. Pittsburgh was very different for Clemente.

7. Announcer even stubbles to pronounce his name.

8. Name pronunciation and he introduces himself with smacking his first pitch

9. Clemente beat the throw to first base.

10. People begin to ask about Clemente

11. To Pittsburgh fans Clemente was like a jolt of electricity.

12. Playing right field, he had no equal

13. Clemente was cool.

14. Twisting move with his neck

15. Clemente felt that you should try as hard as you can

16. Clemente helped the last-place Pirates beat the NY Yankees in the World Series.

17. He walked unnoticed in the celebrating crowd



Video Segment-Roberto Clemente