• Multiplication and Division

    Posted by Rita DeLaRosa at 9/20/2012

    For the past week students have been learning to understand the process of multiplication and how to solve problems using strategies.  The students can use the traditional (long multiplication), the window, the lattice, distributive property, or the bowtie.  It is best for the students to learn one of the processes instead of two because they start jumping from one to the other.  I want them to learn the process really well.  We need the students to keep practicing and learn their multiplication.  

    So please continue to work with your students on multiplication
    Next week, students will learn the process of division. 

    Coming soon..... 

    fractions involving using multiplication and division to discover equivalent fractions and reducing fractions.
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  • Science Lab on Properties of Water

    Posted by Rita DeLaRosa at 9/19/2012
    Properties of Water
    Yesterday, the 5th grade students went to the science lab for their investigation on water.  They did several acitivities to investigate the freezing 0°C, melting 0°C, and boiling point 100°C of water.  They really enjoyed this activity because it was hands on and they recorded their findings.  Afterwards, they reflected in their journal about the experience. 
    This is our 2nd lab activity.  It will be a weekly event, every Wednesday, so we really need our students in school.  We do not have lab make-ups, because we continue with our lessons.  Next week, the students will be learning about another property of matter:  mixtures and solutions.  Thank you for your support. 
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