Fifth grade is a pivotal year. We work hard to prepare students for 6th grade. We want them to be successful as they continue their educational journey.

In 5th grade, we will read often. We will enjoy fiction and non-fiction books as well as news articles and historical documents. Please help us develop competent readers by making sure your child reads every day at home for 30 minutes. What they read isn't as important as the reading itself, so magazines of interest or the newspaper comics are also acceptable.

Science takes on special importance this year because the students in 5th grade are tested by the state for competence in science. In earth science, we will discover how sedimentary rocks are made, where fossils come from, how fossil fuels are formed and how landforms are created over time. In physical science, we will experiment with electrical circuits using buzzers, lights, and motors. We will identify and create states of matter. In life science, we are going to investigate life cycles of frogs and butterflies as well as insects. We will study complete and incomplete metamorphosis.

Math will be about new topics like two-digit division, fractions, and polygons. We will learn problem-solving that will translate to real-life solutions. Students will often have homework in Math, because like reading, math must be practiced to learn and improve skills. Students will also be tested weekly on their times tables. They are expected to know their times tables to 12 by the end of the first semester.

Social Studies allows us time to learn about the development of the United States to date. We start with explorers and end with present day. We will make maps, timelines, and posters as well as read stories about our history as a nation. We will discuss the voting process and encourage students to be active as their duty to community and to exercise their right to vote as their only voice in the future of our nation.

I'm very excited about the learning that happens in 5th grade. We have fun activities planned and we are looking forward to a productive year.