E.T. Wrenn Physical Education Syllabus

FALL Semester 2013


Instructor:       CoachMcClain                              Coach Lockett                       Coach Padilla

             krystal.mcclain@eisd.net         llockett@eisd.net              dpadilla@eisd.net         
Office Hours: 9:15 a.m.- 10:08 a.m.

                                                  Office Location: GYM                                                                            

                 Course Description:

       The students' are expected toactively participate in moderate to vigorous activities, follow all general rules and requirements, and  create an understanding of a healthy life style.


                  Course  Objectives and Goals:

·        The student will be able to perform in physical moderate to vigorous activities to his or her best abilities.

·        The student will be able to understand basic rules and concepts of all activities.

·        The student will be able to demonstrate concepts through participation,assignments, and tests.

      Course Rules & Policies:

      Attire: Shorts at least arms length anda t-shirt (any color but nothing vulgar)

      Lockerroom:  Keep it clean, Do Not share lockers, combinations, or keys, and make suree verything is locked before you leave.

      Students have 5 MINUTES to bechanged and in their assigned seats.

        (Late = an exercise with amount increasing by 10 each day)

      Gum& Cell Phones:Are not permitted. The student will receive a warning, if the behavior continues then

        they will have to comply with thecampus policies.

      Profanity: Will not be tolerated.

 (The student will have to complete an exercise using the number of letters in that word times a

certain amount. If the behavior continues the student will receive a referral as indicated in the code of

conduct handbook.)

      Respect: Be respectful of yourself and others at all times.


                  Course Grading: Complete all activity notes/handouts, exams, and participation in all activities.


         1.)     Each day is worth a total a 100 points.

         2.)   To receive 100 points the student must: Be dressed out and On time, activelyparticipate in all activities, complete
   assignments tasks on time, display good sportsmanship and knowledge about the various activities.

       3.)      Jewelry = Minus 5 points and increase by 5points for every consecutive day.

 (Students are asked to remove all jewelry for safety of others and the student.)

       4.)          Not Participating = Minus 15 points andincrease by 5 points for every consecutive day.

     (Must be wearing appropriate shoes to participate)

       5.)           Late to class = Minus 5 points andincrease by 5 points for every consecutive day.

 (Students are given 5 minutes to be dressedand seated)

       6.)          Absences = No Grade (There is no make-upwork for P.E.)

       7.)         Not Dressed out = A zero for that day,and if there are consecutive No Dresses the student will receive either a lunch detention or an after school detention. (Includes: a pattern of dressing out then not)



         Expectations of Understanding:

·              *Volleyball               * Basketball                 * Football                    *Soccer           *Softball

·              *FlagFootball           * Kick Ball                  * Whiffle Ball             *Flicker Ball   * Hand Ball

·             * UltimateBall           *UltimateBasketball      * Ultimate Frisbee     *Ultimate Football

·              *SpiderBall              * Spider Tag                *Mission Impossible    * Virus             *Chase

·             * Capturethe Flag      *Steal the Birdie          *Birdie Ball                 *Dodge Ball     * Crab Attacks

·              *FloorHockey          *Field Hockey             *Lacrosse                    *StationWork   * Shield ball

·              *WeightRoom          *Muscles/Function       *Fitnessgram              * Warm-up Routine


        Handouts/Notes: When handouts are done they aredue at the end of every week to be graded and returned.

        Extra Credit:Students can receive extra credit by completing typed out versions of handouts or creating PowerPoint.
       Course Calendar

            August26-30, 2013                             -First Week of School: Introduction & Expectations

September3-6, 2013                           -Bring Locks & Clothes; Parent/Guardian Signature of Requirements

             September 9-13, 2013                                     Dynamic Warm-Up Introduction

September 16-20, 2013                                   – Dynamic Warm-Up Quiz

            September23-27, 2013                                   – Virus Activity

Sept.30-Oct 4, 2013                             - FITNESSGRAM TESTING


October7-11, 2013                             - FITNESSGRAM TESTING

October14-18, 2013                           - FITNESSGRAM TESTING

October21-25, 2013                           – Mission Impossible Activity

Oct.28- Nov. 1, 2013                          -Mission Impossible Quiz


November 4-8 2013                            -KingPin Activity

November 11-15, 2013                                   - KingPin Quiz

November 18-22, 2013                                   - Organized Recreation

November 25-29, 2013                                   - Spider Ball


December 2-6, 2013                            -FlickerballActivity

December 9-13                                                -Capture the Flag

December 16-20                                  - Capture theFlag Quiz









          I_________________, understand the P.E./Athletics syllabus, and I will alwaysabide by all rules and procedures enforced
          by any of  the coaches.



          StudentSignature: __________________________________ Date:______________      Per. _____


          ParentSignature: __________________________________Date:________________